Monday, September 29, 2008


Neverfail Company
San Jose, Cebu City
To: Eduardo F. Tuico Jr.
Computer Technician
Subject: Resignation
Date: 8 August 2008

I'm Eduardo F. Tuico Jr, a system administrator at Neverfail company, located in San Jose, Cebu City.

For the last five years, I had been working with Mr. Flintstone L. Florita. as his supervisor at Lexmark Research and Development Corporation. As his supervisor, I can say to him that he have the professional skills and abilities of an I.T. technical support technician and he really excel in all his work and projects and also he has a good values of a professional.

I highly recommend him to be hired as an I.T. technical support technician in our company. He already have a five years experience of working in technical support department and he is physically and mentally deserving to work at the vacant position in the Neverfail Company.


XYZ High School
Cabancalan, Mandaue City

Mr. Eduardo F. Tuico Jr.
ABC Corporation
San Jose, Cebu City

Mr. Eduardo:

We are inviting you to be our guest speaker for annual forum on "Technical-Vocational Education and Training" on Monday, 7 July 2008 at 9-11 a.m at our campus.

In attendance will be 1000 students who are all going to learn from you the significance of TVET in nation building. Your speech may be 45 minutes long since there will be an open forum afterwards. We shall get in touch with you tomorrow to give you the full details.

We look forward to seeing you here:

Yours truly,



Dawis Norte
Carmen, Cebu
30 September 2008

Dear Rex Abarquez:

We as the member of "XYBERGUILD" (an e-share club which aims to share basic knowledge in some fields of computer programs) wants to inform you that we are planning to conduct a seminar in Carmen National High School which actually located on the Northern part of Cebu. As a student we cannot support our financial assets in going to the school.

We would like to ask some donations from you. We assure that from your donations there will be a lot of young guys that will going to have a background of this new world of technology. We all know that the trend today is more about technology especially on computer. Thank you very much and God Bless!!!

For more information, visit our website : or email us at


Eduardo F. Tuico Jr.
Xyberguild Member
Estancia, Mandaue City
0922- 3731274


ABC Corporation
San Jose, Cebu City
2 July 2008

Mr. Jose O. Santos
School Principal
XYZ High School
Cabancalan, Mandaue City

Mr. Santos:

I received your letter last 1 July 2008 regarding for your annual forum on “Technical Vocational Education and Training” that will be held on Monday, 7 July 2008 at 9-11 a.m. at your campus.

It’s my honor to be invited as a guess speaker in your forum. But I am going to have my seminar that will be held also on Monday, 7 July 2008. I am eager to go to the said activity but I really have to attend my business appointment.

Hopefully, I will be available next time to attend in your invitation.

Yours truly,



277 S.B. Cabahug Street
Estancia, Mandaue City
15 July 2008

Mr. Juan Santos
Director of Purchasing
Kauswagan Appliances
Cebu City

Dear Mr. Santos:

My three years at Kauswagan Appliances has been an invaluable period of learning and professional development. I arrived as a novice and I believe that today I am professional-primarily as a result of the personal attention and tutoring I have received from my supervisors and the fine example set both my superiors and my peers.

I believe the time has come for me to move on, however, to a larger professional development. Therefore I have accepted a position with General Electric, where I am scheduled to begin on August 20. thus, my last day at Kauswagan will be on August 18. However, if you need more time to hire and train my replacement. I can make arrangements to work longer.

Many thanks for the experiences I have gained, and best wishes for the future.

Very truly yours,



To: Mr. Juan Dimagiba
From: Eduardo F. Tuico Jr.
Computer Technician
Subject: Resignation
Date: 8 August 2008


I have been working in your company for about three years. I found so much development into myself through the help of your company as well with my co-workers. Your company contributes a lot in the improvement of my skills.

However, I planned to pursue my studies as a fulltime student at University of San Carlos. I want to have a bachelor degree so that I can have a better position that’s what I am now. It is for my own self in order to have more knowledge on the field that I am dealing. I am willing to stay 30 days so that you will have enough time in looking for my replacement.

It is a great opportunity in working at your company and I hope that in doing this resignation I can find myself better in dealing tough jobs.


I. Clarity
A.If the writing is unclear, the result is
1. Mistakes
2. Irritation
3. Confusion
4. Wasted Time
5. Wasted money (employee time and materials)
B. Writing with clarity requires
1. Precise word choices ( right word for the situation)
2. Avoidance most euphemisms (Have a little fun.)
3. Avoidance of slang
4. Use of modifiers (Many of these examples have misplaced/dangling
modifiers all have problems with clear communication.)
II. Conciseness
A. Writing with the most meaning for the fewest words
B. Avoiding redundancy
1. Avoiding long “low information content” words and phrases
2. Avoiding redundancy
III. Completeness
A. Answers all questions asked by he person requesting the correspondence
1. If you can’t answer a question, say so
2. Answer in the same order as you were asked
B. Give extra if appropriate
1. If a customer asks about an upcoming sale, tell about other special offers
that are similar.
2. If someone attending a seminar asks when it will take place, include
information on how to get there as well.
IV. Courtesy
A. Apply the golden rule
B. Consider “The rule of 250”
1. Most everyone knows at least 250 people over a lifetime
2. They will not necessarily tell that 250 people if you have been kind and 3.
courteous, but they will tell them if you haven’t.Your company’s image is
based on what and how you speak and write to others
C. If you’re angry when you write the message, wait till the next day (or at least
after lunch) before sending it—then rewrite it.
V. Consideration
A. Write with “You attitude” rather than Me attitude”
1. More uses of “you” than “me” or “we”
2. Positioning of pronouns, avoid beginning sentences with “I”
B. More than just word substitution
1. Interest/concern in reader
2. A positive approach to wording
VI. Concreteness
A. Be specific
1. Specific numbers rather than many, few, low, high
2. Specific dates rather than later, next month, ASAP
3. Avoid words like good, well, poor, bad when the subject is measurable
B. Active voice rather than passive:
VII. Correctness
A. Level of language appropriate for the education, background, age, etc. of audience
B. Spelling and Grammar
C. Facts
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